Container Gardening for Everyone!

Would you like to do a bit of gardening, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you don’t have much space? Or maybe you think it’ll be too expensive.

Don’t worry!

There are lots of easy and inexpensive options to help you brighten your garden, yard or patio this summer!

You can often pick up bargain plants at a supermarket – Lidl is a favourite! Easy-to-grow and affordable container plants include geraniums, petunias, tomatoes, leafy salad greens and all sorts of herbs.

As for the containers themselves, you can upcycle just about anything! An old bucket, a crate, or even an old wellington boot! Just give it a lick of paint. If you have something you’d like to use as a container, why not bring it along to our Tuesday Repair Cafe and see what our repairing crew can advise.

We have lots of seeds available here at WAC if you’d like some. And our gardening expert, Ann, is here to offer advice every Tuesday!

It looks as though sunshine is in the forecast for Saturday (we hope!), so why not get your hands dirty and do some planting?

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